The education gap between rural children and urban children in China is very significant, and this phenomenon is not only related to the income gap, but also the concept of survival. Many parents in rural areas rely on farming for a living, and A good life has been obtained under the various poverty alleviation policies of the Chinese government. Although it has never been able to compare with some big cities in terms of technology and food, it has also reached the point where food and clothing are not worrying about. This has led many people to be content with The status quo and does not want to make big changes. The huge income gap has also led to a gap in children’s vision since childhood. Even if many rural children are admitted to good universities, they will have no extracurricular activities because their parents cannot provide high living expenses. Inferiority, since then, will also want future generations to go to some more comfortable places. Including some urban children who have gone abroad since childhood, they have seen much more than rural children. Although the Chinese government implemented 9-year compulsory education in 1985, it only taught children how to be human beings and did not improve their vision much. As the admission standards of some companies have changed, more and more companies have begun to require employees to have a minimum education of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, which has also led to more children who have no money to go to school can’t find jobs in cities, and their final go back to the countryside